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The Auger Big Bundle has been developed by Eterra Attachments as a way to provide customers with substantial value when it comes to ordering Eterra Auger products. Eterra takes great pride in the creativity, strength, and attention-to-detail in their line of auger drives and auger attachments. The Big Bundle is a great way to highlight a full complement of those exceptional products at a great value. Save time and hassle, all of your auger needs will be covered when you select a custom Eterra Big Bundle. Select your own mount, bits, extension, stump planer and accessories. Get everything you need and nothing that you don’t. Check out the descriptions below to learn more about the tough and innovative Auger products Eterra offers, as well as details on how to put together your own custom bundle.

The listed price includes: your choice of Auger Drive, Skid Steer Mount Plate and 3 bits.

Select an Auger Drive (Match Specifications To Your Machine)

  • Eterra 2500 Auger Drive (2100 Ft. Lbs. | 7-16 GPM)
  • Eterra 3500 Auger Drive (2700 Ft. Lbs. | 17-23 GPM)
  • Eterra 4500 Auger Drive (3350 Ft. Lbs. | 23-30 GPM)

Eterra boats decades of experience designing, developing and perfecting their Auger Drive, resulting in industry-leading innovation and quality. Eterra Auger Drives offer unmatched performance with Eterra bits, extensions, and stump planers. Utilize the Eterra Flip Hitch to drill horizontally and mix cement.


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