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The Eterra Auger Bit is designed for all your earth drilling conditions. If your conditions are steadily rough, consider adding Eterra’s Tungsten Carbide Fishtail and Tungsten Carbide Teeth for longer life and better bite. These are some of the toughest and most reliable bits in the industry, and we would encourage you to just read the reviews. From the cast heavy duty drive heads to the thick walled tubing and forged cutter holder, these bits get the job done when you need them most.

Pricing Shown is for a 4″ Bit. Larger bits and additional options add to price.

A note about Eterra’s auger design. Eterra designs based on the toughest criteria and extensive experience. Many people think that a double flighted auger is better because it will be stronger. Eterra has designed a single flighted auger and a forged drive head so that the strength question is not an issue. Eterra is confident their heads will outlast any auger that has double flighting. The Eterra flighting design allows the auger to clear faster. Double flighting in a dirt design just clogs and causes the auger to carve the hole out so it will be oversized and jammed up with debris. This results in less productivity and higher costs due to having to put more concrete into the hole because of the larger size. The more you study these designs, the more you will come to trust Eterra as the leader in intelligent and performance based product design.

Do not use Earth Auger Bits on solid surfaces like concrete or asphalt driveways. For solid surface conditions choose a specialized rock auger bit.


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