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Digga Excavator Root Rake attachment, Designed in Australia for the OUTBACK. You know if this is from Australia, it’s made tough… The unique design also allows for raking forward or in reverse which provides much more versatility in the way you operate the attachment.

For 3 – 10 Ton excavators. Ideal for vegetation management, piling brush to burn, sifting soil/rocks, and removing unwanted shrubbery and overgrowth. The material can be sifted and sorted to clear out unwanted debris and leave good soil or material behind. This model also includes convenient steps on either side for easy cab access.


  • Heavy duty 16mm thick tines
  • 28″ long tines
  • 4″ tine spacing
  • Rake forward or reverse
  • Top grade 16 mm thick steel
  • Australian made quality



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