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Featuring industry-leading technology and design, Arrowhead’s line of Excavator Vibratory Plate Compactors bring serious power and functionality to your operation. The ACP range is manufactured with a unique “V” profile design, allowing for powerful compaction as well and excellent performance during sheet, post and pile driving applications. Heavy-duty in-line dampening buffers provide superior vibration dampening protection for optimal efficiency. All of Arrowhead’s bearings and hydraulic motors are manufactured in either the US or Europe, meaning you can push these tools to the limit and know they will provide robust service life with reliable support.

The Arrowhead Vibratory Plate Compactor for Mini and Compact Excavators includes Oil Splash Technology, a feature that ensures all bearings are auto-lubricated with no greasing required, leading to gains in operation time and jobsite productivity. Purchase of an Arrowhead Plate Compactor includes a top mounting bracket at no additional charge, simply include your machine’s make and model during checkout.


  • Three available models to suit a wide range of Excavator models and sizes
  • Ideal for soil compaction, sheet/post/pile driving as well as backfill trench compaction
  • Strong, durable, and fully supported
  • Oil Splash Technology keeps bearings auto-lubricated
  • Increases jobsite efficiency across the board


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