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The Promac HSM Skid Steer Drum Mulcher is a contractor-rated mulcher attachment manufactured in North America, that holds its own against any comparable mulcher in the industry. Suitable for high flow skid steers from 95-120 hp and hydraulic flow of 35-45 GPM @ 4000 psi, it makes quick work of whatever brush and trees that end up in the way of the 60″ wide, 17″ diameter drum and 3 choices of cutter teeth to suit specific working conditions. The drum is powered by a hydraulic variable torque bent axis piston motor, with the new Promac Automatic Torque Controller (ATC) for drum speed control and class leading productivity. The mulcher incorporates high strength steel and wear resistant parts that are easily replaceable, ensuring your operation runs smoothly for years.

Why Promac?

Promac has incorporated their forty years of experience in design and manufacturing of heavy duty brushcutters and mulchers into their latest generation of skid steer mulchers. The HSM series is the result of extensive research and development, customer feedback and relentless pursuit of excellence. We are confident you will be impressed.

Industry Leading Performance:

Variable torque bent axis motor with the Promac Automatic Torque Controller (ATC) is an industry innovation that Promac claims increases productivity by as much as 25%* which is achieved through less drum speed decay and greater drum acceleration. The Promac ATC ensures the motor is always at the optimum torque setting for the available hydraulic power available. More mulching, less waiting.

The drum accepts multiple tooling options to suit any budget, performance and ground conditions. The options include PROMAC proprietary reversible knives or “chipper teeth” for the best mulching performance in sand or soil conditions, double carbides for longevity in rocky conditions and industry standard beaver teeth for good performance in most conditions at a reasonable price. Choice and flexibility.

The drum itself has the PROMAC “Chip Production Rotor” tooling system, also known in the industry as a “bite limiter” design, that makes sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew, and also controls discharge particle size. The drum also features easily replaceable hardened steel wire cutters that prevent wire from winding around the drive shaft between the end of the drum and frame, damaging the bearing seals. All of the holders and plates on the drum are manufactured from high strength steel for superior impact resistance and longevity. Class leading production.

The frame is made of fully welded high strength steel and a boxed in design, which provides better rigidity than other open-end designs. This allows the HSM to stay under 2,500 lbs and maintain great machine strength and stability when operating. The frame is also low profile, resulting in outstanding operator visibility and control, and the smooth, natural, lines of the attachment make it hard for material to get hung up on the machine. The leading edge of the attachment, where it makes contact with the ground, has a flat profile that allows 1″ of controlled ground contact with minimal tilt. This makes it easy to ensure you leave a nice, well mulched finish without excessive ground contact that risks damaging the cutter teeth. This also limits material from ejecting under the machine during back dragging since the chain bar and frame still impede the material at this angle. Built to last.

Easily replaceable wear parts. Promac knows these machines are operating in extreme conditions where normal mild steel will not hold up well in the long term. Abrasion Resistant steel, AR400, is incorporated in high wear areas and components.

A replaceable AR400 wear liner protects the welded in liner. This eliminates the need to ever replace the welded liner, which can otherwise wear quickly in sandy conditions and cost you a lot in dollars and downtime. Expect years of wear from the replaceable liner and when it comes time to replace the liner expect it to take less than an hour without removal of any other parts of the mulcher. Built for easy maintenance.

A bolt in rear anvil provides additional performance and utility. The anvil is crucial to prevent too large of material in between the liner and the drum, which could reduce the speed of the drum or even cause jamming. The anvil is made up of  machined AR400 plate in bolted 12″ sections to allow selective replacement where it is the most worn. These features give the HSM outstanding durability and longevity. Utility built in.


  • Discharge Control: The trajectory of the front discharge is within 5′ feet of the machine when operating level vs. 20-50′ on other open face mulcher machines. Keeping you safe when working near the public or buildings.
  • A hydraulic drum brake is an option for safety-focused operators: The brake can bring the drum to a rapid stop to protect the operator and other workers.
  • Motor Case Overpressure Protection eliminates motor case failure due to inadvertent overpressure: On other mulchers, in the event that the case drain line from the mulcher back to the carrier is blocked, or there is an over pressure of the motor case beyond the rating of the motor, a complete failure of the mulcher drive motor is a common result.  This is a very expensive fix since the repair is a compete replacement of the drive motor. Promac has incorporated an overpressure relief valve in the case drain line that will protect the motor case from overpressure.  The operator is signaled of the situation via a small amount of oil discharge through a relief port located in the operators view from the cab. Avoiding a major common expensive major failure mode.


Beaver (Quad Style) Teeth – This the most economical tooling option, as the beaver teeth are cheaper to replace. These teeth can be rotated to get the most life out of them, and are seen commonly throughout the industry. These teeth also take less of a bite than the chipper teeth and are therefore slightly less productive but great for maintaining drum speed on lower flow machines.

Chipper Teeth – These can be sharpened, reversed, and replaced easily. They are extremely efficient at mulching wood and last between 40-100 hours per side depending on conditions (They deteriorate quickly in rocky conditions).

Double Carbide Teeth – Promac’s Double Carbide Teeth are not efficient at mulching and cannot be sharpened, but they are extremely tough, lasting up to 500 hrs and holding up much better in rocky conditions.

Combo Configurations – The outer teeth on the drum are generally more exposed to rocks and dirt, and do less actual mulching than the center of the drum. For this reason Promac and Skid Steer Solutions recommend choosing one of our Combo tooth configurations. You can choose either Chipper or Beaver teeth, and the outer 3 rows (12 total teeth) will be replaced with Double Carbide teeth for improved durability.

Hydraulic brake – Some other manufacturers have offered brakes for the drum as well.  Unfortunately they do not work because as the pressure to the mulcher drops due to maneuvering the skid steer, the brake can engage and slow down the drum.  Promac has solved this problem with a hydraulic delay that engages the brake after a 5 second delay.  The drum comes to a full stop in about 20 seconds (5 second delay + 10-15 seconds to stop).


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