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The LDM Series Excavator Mulcher is a contractor-rated mulcher attachment designed for excavators between 6 and 15 tons. Promac redesigned this attachment in 2021, making it more efficient than ever and building off of their 30 years of brush clearing and manufacturing experience. The LDM Series can be configured to run on hydraulic flows as low as 15 GPM @ 5000 psi and shreds through 6” material with ease. It is available in 30” or 50” cut width and the drum can be equipped with your choice of three styles of cutter teeth. The variable torque bent axis piston motor with Promac Automatic Torque Controller (ATC) optimizes drum speed and productivity, and the drum also has a Chip Production Rotor (CPR) that helps maintain optimal drum speed by limiting the bite. Promac utilizes high strength steel and replaceable wear parts throughout that increase the life span of their mulchers.

Note: A case drain line is required to run this attachment.

Applications include: land clearing, forest fire prevention, development and maintenance of roads, trails, pipelines, railways and transmission lines.

Why Promac?

Promac has incorporated their forty years of experience in design and manufacturing of heavy duty brush cutters and mulchers into their latest generation of LDM Series excavator mulchers. The updated LDM series is the result of extensive research and development, customer feedback and an unrelenting pursuit of excellence.


  • Extensive use of high strength steel throughout
  • 55cc variable torque bent axis piston motor
  • Automatic Torque Control (ATC) system
  • Bolted on dust seals keep debris out of the machine bearings
  • Welded-on 1/2″ AR400 skid shoes
  • Replaceable AR400 rear anvil
  • Welded and replaceable AR400 wear liner
  • Multiple tooth configurations to suit different mulching conditions
  • Replaceable rotor stub-shafts with spherical roller bearings
  • Direct drive with isolation coupler. Proven, effective protection for the mulcher drive motor
  • Chip Production Rotor (bite limiter)


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