Mini Universal to Bobcat MT Adapter | Eterra



This is an amazing adapter. We are surprised that no one else has done this before. Many customers have complained that they would like to use their mini Bobcat MT-50/52 attachments on their Toro Dingo’s, Ditch Witches, Ram Rods, Boxers and other mini skid steer loaders using the mini universal quick attach adapters. We are happy to help you use your mini attachments almost anywhere. Our adapter is sold here with our mini universal skid steer mount on the back and an MT-50/52 quick attach on the front. This is amazing!

Use our Skid Steer Universal Adapter to connect to your Toro, Ditch Witch, Ramrod, Boxer, Vermeer, and other mini skid steer and then connect to any Bobcat MT-50/52/44/463 attachment. The uses of this item are endless.


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