Sawtooth Pattern Rubber Track | Camoplast |450X100X50 BJE| PAIR



Camso (also known as Camoplast) is a leader in the industry of tracks and tires for the heavy equipment industry. So it is no surprise to see high quality tracks from Camoplast on machines accross the globe. These designs are made to increase durability, utility, and longevity in whatever application you, as an operator, deem necessary.

There is a common understanding that tracks are a perishable item that wear and need to be replaced. Camoplast works to offer high quality products that last longer at an affordable price. This is why there are no cheap rubber compounds here that will crack or wear unevenly. High-tensile steel cables run the interior to ensure your tracks don’t fail and break. Please look to the links below to view product literature on Camoplast tracks.


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