Skid Steer Speed Bagger Attachment | EZ SPOT UR



The EZ SPOT UR Sand Bagger is an extremely efficient and effective tool for filling sand bags. Built 100% in the USA, EZ SPOT UR attachments are made durable to withstand years of harsh conditions. The Speed Bagger is designed with a specialized bucket that is able to scoop sand and material, close, and then tilt to pour sand/material through specifically engineered openings that make filling bags extremely efficient. An internal auger mixes and flows material to keep work moving along during important times. The outstanding performance of this bagger attachment is unparalleled.  4 Workers + 4 Hours = 1,000 Bags.


  • Extremely fast and efficient
  • 4 workers in 4 hours can complete 1,000 bags
  • Specialized bucket attachment
  • Internal auger keeps material mixed and flowing
  • Reduces physical wear on workers
  • Reduces wasted time and material


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