Skid Steer Tire Stud 1910T | Grip Studs



Don’t allow icy roads and severe weather conditions prevent you from getting things done, Grip Studs’ heavy duty tungsten carbide gripping power delivers non-stop traction to ensure safety, on the slickest surfaces. Their patented wide-auger anchor design affords unparalleled retention and simple installation with a tool bit and cordless drill. No gluing or pre-drilling necessary, which means studs are easily removed at season’s end.


  • Recommended studs per skid steer tire: 100-150
  • Recommended studs per skid steer track: 200-300
  • Notched for easy installation and removal
  • One-piece tungsten-carbide core and tip
  • Wide auger threads for maximum retention
  • Prominence (from tire/thread to surface): 5.3 mm
  • Made in Italy


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