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The Track Bar Systems Track Repair and Replacement Tool is an incredibly simply yet effective tool for removing and reinstalling rubber tracks for compact track loaders and mini excavators. The tool was designed to help operators working alone in the field to reinstall tracks that had popped off the idlers, and it turns a difficult and time consuming task into a job that can be done in 15 minutes by a single person. The tool is now used not only by operators but also equipment manufacturers, dealers, and service technicians.

The 3 bars are very compact and can easily be stored within your machine so you’re ready when you need them. Minimize downtime and get more done with this tool by your side. Track Bar Systems products are 100% American made, and operator invented in Hamilton, Georgia.

Watch Video For Instructions!


  • Extremely durable high strength steel
  • Reduces downtime
  • American made
  • Operator friendly / easy to use


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